Declaration of the Bailiff of Batavia (1625)


The bailiff and sheriffs of the town of Batavia declare and certify on the oath we
took at the beginning of our post and employment that it is true that the torture with
water has always been used by the Dutch in India as being the most most civil and
causes less pain than the the torture generally used in all Europe, which is always
looked upon as much more painful, much harder and more dangerous than the one
with water, whereby neither the health of persons nor any member of their body is
hurt or mutilated, To certify this we have fixed our usual seal of the town at the
bottom hereof.

Actum in Batavia 7 October 1625, Jan Pietersen Prins, secretary

Declaration of the Bailiff of Batavia, 7 October 1625, Staten Generaal 12551.61.1. Nationaal Archief