States-General Placard 1624


In an effort to calm the waters and responding to English pressure, the States-General reacted to the publication of the first pamphlet, Waerachtich Verhael vande Tidinghen ghecomen wt de Oost-Indien (A True Declaration of the News that came out of the East-Indies), by issuing this placard that declared it libel. While this was designed to contain the controversy about Amboyna, it was impossible to suppress the steady stream of news concerning the trial.

Placard of the States General, against a pamphlet entitled, "The true relation of the tidings which came out of the East Indies by the pinnace called the Hare (which arrived at the Texel in June 1624), concerning the conspiracy which was discovered in the Islands of Amboyna, &c.," declaring it to be "a scandalous and senseless libel, the author whereof, as also the printers, sellers, and dispersers, ought to be punished;" requiring all justices and officers to make diligent inquiry after and proceed against them; and promising a reward of 400 guilders to whomsoever shall produce the author or printer. [This translation comes from the Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies, China and Japan, 1622-1624]

Plakkaat, verschenen op 18 augustus 1624, waarin de publicatie en verspreiding strafbaar wordt gesteld van het pamflet 'Waerachtich verhael vande tijdinghen gecomen uut de Oost-Indien, Verenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie, 18th August 1624, Gehuegen van Nederland, Den Haag